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To place a graduation order, please “select your school” first. Next, review the offering for your school and begin selecting the items you will need. Note: some products may not be available at your school. Please complete the online order fields carefully. You may order a package plan, add to your package, or order ala carte. If the accessory item includes choice of style, color, or size, please indicate your selections.

What are package plans? Simplify your life, saving time and money! It's easy when you order a Package Plan. Packages are complete with everything you will need at a substantial discount - $5.95 ~ $26.20 savings! The most popular items are included in our package plans. NOTE: package plans contain the cap & gown unit for your school. Be sure to include your gender, height, and weight in the package selection box in your order.

When is the latest I can place an order? Late orders will be subject to item restrictions.

Announcements and Accessories will be distributed on campus in April, 2021. The time and date will be announced at your school. National Graduation Products is proud to participate in this milestone in your life! Thank you and congratulations on your graduation! Request for refunds must be received in writing before May 18, 2021.